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Choice of 3 whiskies all made from 100% BC grains:

Canadian Rye: Made from 80% rye and 20% malted barley
Bourbon Style: Made from a blend of Corn, Barley, and rye
Single Malt: Made from 100% pale malted barley

All whiskies are barreled in 30L casks and stored on site at the distillery for 3 years. You will be invited to visit and sample your whisky as it matures, and have the option of taking part in the distilling and bottling process.

The whiskies are barreled at 62.5% ABV, and you have the choice of bottling at cask strength (62.5% ABV) or the standard 40% ABV. Due to the "Angel's and Devil's Share" there is a natural loss of 10-12% per year in a small barrel. At 40% ABV there will be approximately 60 x 500mL bottles.

Cask pre-payment includes bonding and insurance for 3 years, and visitation/tasing events at year 1, year 2, and year 3 prior to bottling.

Bottling fee is $350.00 + tax and due at time of bottling.

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