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Griottines Cherries in Brandy

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Griottines Cherries in Brandy

Every year, Peureux harvests over 500 million tiny tart delicious round red fruits and transforms them into an equally flavorful and decadent liquor soaked treat. Griottines Cherries are the masterful combination of wild Morello cherries, called Oblachinska, macerated in a blend of liquors including Kirsch and Brandy. Kirsch, or kirschwasser, is a fruit brandy or liquor made from Morello sour cherries. It has a fresh tart strong flavor.

Production begins at harvesting, when barrels of Kirsch are brought from the distillery in France to the Balkan fields where the wild Oblachinska sour cherries grow. They begin soaking within six hours of being picked in order to create flavorful brandy soaked cherries. This preserves the strongest flavors of the fruit. The filled barrels are brought back to the production facilities, the Grandes Distilleries Peureux, in Fougerolles a region in France at the base of the Vosges mountains. There, they continue to go through a several stage maceration, de-stoning, and evaluation process. Ultimately, only the very best Griottines Cherries are packaged and sent out to discerning chefs and cocktail masters around the world. When ready, the brandy soaked cherries have 15% abv alcohol content.

Griottines Cherries can be used in cocktails, savory dishes, and sweet desserts. The flavor of brandy soaked cherries mixes well with other fruits and berries, melon, goat cheese, creams, honey, duck, pork, foie gras, pistachios, nuts, and cakes.

Ingredients: Morello cherries, sugar, alcohol of which 10% Kirsch.
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