Join Our Whisky Cask Club!

Join our Whisky Cask Club and have your very own private label whisky! Choose one of our 3 whiskies all made from 100% BC grains:

Canadian Rye: Made from 80% rye and 20% malted barley
Bourbon Style: Made from a blend of corn, barley, and rye
Single Malt: Made from 100% pale malted barley

Stillhead Distillery will barrel the whisky of your choice in 30L casks and stores them onsite for 3 years. You will be invited to visit and sample your whisky as it matures and you will have the option of taking part in the distilling and bottling process.

Each whisky is barreled at 62.5% ABV, but you will be given the choice of bottling your whisky at cask strength (62.5% ABV) or the standard 40% ABV. All aged whisky undergoes a natural loss called the “Angel’s and Devil’s Share”, which is whisky lost through evaporation and soaking into the wood barrel. Small 30L casks experience a natural loss of whisky of about 10-12% per year. If you chose to bottle your whisky at 40% ABV, you will get approximately 60 500mL bottles. 

Your whisky will be bonded and insured for 3 years while it ages and matures at Stillhead Distillery. The Cask Club cost of $1,600 + taxes includes the spirits, 3 years of storage and insurance, and your visitations and tastings each year. There is an additional bottling fee of $350 + taxes when your whisky is ready to bottle.

The Whisky Cask Club is great for whisky enthusiasts, groups of friends, corporate team building, bottled corporate private label whisky for gifts, and as a special gift for that special someone! Once you place your order, Stillhead Distillery will contact you to set up a distillation and barreling date.