We Handcraft Our Spirits On Island Time:

Our small batch whiskies are released only when they reach perfect maturity, not a particular age. We don’t look for shortcuts, instead we respect whisky making tradition. Each barrel is curated over the course of its aging, carefully matching its character to the barrel it will finish its maturation in, creating the perfect final whisky.

We are continuously looking for innovative ways to make unique spirits and showcase Vancouver Island terroir by using distinctive local ingredients. Wild picked berries, locally farmed rhubarb, and award-winning Cowichan Valley wine barrels are just some of the ways we express terroir in our spirits. 


Our New Flagship


We’ve got 99 problems but good whisky isn’t one. 

We can’t call this Canadian whisky bourbon, so we called it the B-Word! This bourb*n-style whisky has a mash-bill of 63% corn, 27% malt and 10% rye. It was aged for 3 years in new oak barrels, and then blended together to produce a beautiful, bold, b**chin’ batch of 1100 bottles.

Nose: sweet clover and brown sugar Palate: ginger cookies, toasted marshmallow and vanilla cream. Finish: pepper, cinnamon.  Crushability: 10/10

We swear you’ll love it.



Nestled in the heart of the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, our family owned distillery crafts high quality spirits with the intention of capturing the essence of the Island in every bottle. 

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