30 L Age Whisky at home kit


The “Do I Really Have to Wait Three Years” Whisky Program

The “Do I Really Have to Wait Three Years” Whisky Program

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to barrel age your own whisky? To check in on the spirit now and then as the aging process progresses? To learn more about whisky creation and the business? To show off your very own authentic wooden barrel to envious friends, family and bitter enemies? Well today we make your whisky dreams come true!

Our “Do I Really Have to Wait Three Years” Whisky Program kit comes with one 30-liter spigot tapped barrel, previously containing a well-balanced single malt whisky. You also receive 40 PET bottles of 750ml size, with caps and printed labels that you complete with your name and signature and date bottled! The bottles will be prefilled with clear “juice” aka “moonshine” directly off the still, the same 100% BC rye grain we put in our own larger barrels to produce our gold medal award-winning rye whisky. At home simply empty the bottles into your barrel and sit back and wait for the magic to happen. When the whisky has aged to your desired preference, simply refill the bottles with the brown spirit and enjoy, or savour directly from the barrel itself via the front metal spigot.

Usually by Canadian regulations a whisky needs to be aged a full three years to earn the title “whisky” for sale, but this is all up to you so bottle it at 18 months, two, three or even 10 years. We suggest sampling the spirit every two months or so to learn how the barrel has imparted its flavour into the liquid and so you know the exact right time to empty and bottle.

Best of all, once emptied you can bring the empty bottles back to the distillery to have them refilled and pick up more labels for your second round of whisky making at a reduced cost.

Only 15 total of these kits will be produced at $795 plus tax. This is an exclusive price for email subscribers only as the price will be raised once released to the general public. Pick up will commence Friday, May 26th. Local pickup only – if you would like to ship please contact orders@stillhead.ca

Note: the stand is not included, but is easy to make yourself.  

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