Islay Cask Gin – Navy Strength 375mL


Introducing our newest limited release product!


-Stillhead London Dry Gin

-Aged for 2 years in two ex-bourbon barrels

-Aged for an additional 2 months in heavily peated ex-Islay Scotch barrels

-Bottled at 57% alc./vol.

It’s no secret what our two favourite spirits are – Whisky and Gin! We’ve released a bourbon barrel aged gin for a few years now, but this one is something truly unique and special. When we had the opportunity to purchase barrels from one of our favourite distilleries from Islay, an isle in Scotland, we jumped at the opportunity. We quickly began experimenting with these casks by filling them with whisky, but also filled a couple with our London Dry Gin. We counted down the weeks and tried the casks and were blown away at their powerful, surprisingly balanced flavour! The smoke from the casks married perfectly with the juniper and citrus flavours of the gin, creating a bounty of new flavours.

Upon deciding the cask influence on the gin was perfect, we set out to bottle the gin, but we didn’t want to reduce the wonderful flavour. Therefore, we are releasing this special gin at Navy Strength, or 57% alc./vol! Back when ships defended themselves with cannons and gun powder, 57% was the lowest alcohol percentage where the spirit could be spilt on gunpowder and still used to fire cannons. Talk about high test!

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