Master Distiller Select Cask – Single Malt Cask #71 Moscatel Finish (61.4% alc./vol.)


Distilled in 2020 bottled in2024, cask #71 is a rye whisky aged finished in freshly emptied Moscatel wine casks. Bottled at natural cask strength of 61.4% alc./vol., only 128 bottles available.


Our third release under the Master Distiller Single Barrel program is here! Every week we sample roughly a dozen whisky barrels aging in the warehouse. Each barrel is sampled to see where it is in the aging process and copious notes are written on the nose, palate and finish of each whisky. All told less than 3% of the barrels we sample are set aside for single barrel release, showing you how truly special and precious these casks are.

The third barrel to be released under this ongoing program is Cask #71. This four year old rye whisky is special due to the nine months it’s been finishing in a Moscatel wine cask. A sweeter wine from Spain, Moscatel is made from the muscat grape and is a fortified wine similar to Pedro Ximenez sherry. It’s made from white grapes that are first dried in the sun to concentrate the flavours before being turned into wine, fortified, and aged for at least 18 months in wood barrels. Because of the initial drying process to concentrate the sugars, the flavours often are very intense and sweet. Tasting notes include:

BACKGROUND: 100% BC rye grain, filled March 13, 2020, 61.4% alc./vol. cask strength, finished in a Moscatel wine cask for 9 months

NOSE: Sweet grapes, red berries, cedar bark, dark honey, baking spices, buttered rye bread, sulfur

TASTE: Rich blend of dark fruits, subtle sweetness, Glosette chocolate covered raisins, muscat grapes, berry jams, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, anise, faint malt

FINISH: Long lasting spice notes, warm sweetness, slight wood dryness at the end

Only 179 total bottles of this fine and rare whisky will be released! For sale exclusively at the distillery and online, $129 tax included.

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