Sherry Cask Rye Whisky – PX Finish


100% Rye Whisky double aged in Pedro Ximinez sherry casks. The sweetness of PX Sherry meets spicy herbaceous rye whisky.

The best of Stillhead meets the queen of all sherry casks from Spain. Pedro Ximenez is obtained from the overly ripe grapes of the same name which are dried in the sun to obtain exceptionally high concentrations of fruit and sugar.

This 100% B.C. rye grain whisky spent its first few years in new American oak casks. The spirit was then transferred to once used “PX” sherry casks, freshly emptied and shipped directly from Spain, for an additional year. This batched release is from the same set of casks from which the best in class winning Iberian Cascadian Rye Whisky was selected for the Strath Liquor store.

As one of the sweetest Sherry styles available, we selected Pedro Ximenez as our sherry cask of choice for Rye whisky. As rye whisky already contains strong spice notes, the sweet, honeyed, jammy notes that come from the PX casks pairs perfectly with our house rye whisky style.

50% Alc./vol.

NOSE: dried fruits, subtle vanilla bean, lightly toasted rye bread with strawberry jam, wildflower honey, cinnamon, tarragon, hint of spearmint, salted caramel, orange zest, pecan, slight floral notes, brioche

PALATE: rich, smooth and creamy, sultana raisins, ripe dates, strong sherry influence, blackberries and blackcurrants, brown sugar, dark chocolate with raspberries, fig, fresh caramel, cherry syrup, clove and star anise, butterscotch candies, sweet orange marmalade
FINISH: long and creamy, butterscotch toffee, black currants, raisin chewiness, rye spice with a hint of sweet cinnamon and mulled wine
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